Panels and Workshops


  • Industry and Physics

    This workshop will explore typical experiences in the life of four engineers with a physics degree. Panelists will convey real stories exploring the impact of a day.s activities and what to expect from the industry. The session will focus on factors that contribute to a sense of satisfaction and success in the industry. The conversation will feature activities and experiences that build confidence in decisions and choices that define a career in physics. Through the stories, attendees will develop a sense of the successes, excitement, and benefits to these panelists; building a case for considering a career in engineering if you have a degree in physics. The intent will be to identify insights and take-away values for attendees who want to work through the challenges of managing their career path.
  • Life of a Graduate Student

    Five graduate students from graduate programs within Colorado will discuss their daily life as a graduate student and how their responsibilities and work have changed throughout graduate school. Topics will include: how to they chose their graduate program, how many schools they applied to, how to choose an advisor and a group to fit you, what difficulties they have faced, and what life advice they have for applying to and succeeding in graduate school.

    Applying to REUs

    This class will be led by three undergraduates, from the Colorado School of Mines, who participated in REUs across the country. They will provide insight into the application process, how to make your application exceptional, what is expected of you, and what the difference are between an REU and internship.
  • Begin with a Proactive Job Search/Finish with a Strong Interview

    January 19, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

    In this seminar you will learn the proven, effective methods for maximizing your job search efforts and improving your results with the right incorporation of proactive tactics for networking, researching, and discovering the opportunities. Find out the tips for success to ensure that your greatest strengths are depicted during your interviews through preparation, research, and follow-up.
  • Maximizing your Career Communication

    January 20, 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

    From designing a resume or CV that truly highlights your skills, through interviewing confidently and competently, learn techniques that get you the results you want.
  • Communication and Physics

    This workshop for physics undergraduates and beginning graduate students will focus on developing and using effective methods for professional communication. Topics will include identifying and attending workshops and conferences and presenting your work in posters, talks, and papers. The role of networking and professional societies will be discussed. The essential skill of writing, from email to journal papers, will also be addressed.
  • Navigating the Path to Graduate School

    Steps to applying to graduate school

    This workshop is designed to be an interactive panel discussion for students interested in learning more about graduate school. Representatives from different graduate programs will discuss the basic steps of the application process and cover specific details that tend to lead to graduate school acceptance at the individual institutions. Topics covered will include: the GRE; letters of recommendation; personal statements/essays; funding; and others. Q/A will be encouraged throughout the workshop.
  • Transferring to a 4-year University from a 2-year Program

    This workshop will discuss many of the steps to take, and pitfalls to avoid, when transferring to a four-year institution. Some topics of discussion include: what are articulation agreements and how they affect students, how to identify what courses transfer, what the timeline for applications is and the associated fees, and how to apply to and receive scholarships for transfer students. Instructors for this course will also discuss finding an advisor at your new school and what cultural differences you can expect.

    Undergraduate Poster Exposition

    Undergraduate researchers will have the opportunity to showcase their research during the lunch on Saturday. Conference participants, national lab representatives, professional organization members, and graduate schools will have the opportunity to view and ask questions about this research. For the most parts, posters will be hung on a cork-board that is part of the set-up of the room. The conference organizers will provide the necessary tacks. Please print your poster such that it is 20”x40” or smaller (can be ‘landscape’ or ‘portrait’ oriented).
  • Graduate Poster Exposition

    Graduate students from the Colorado School of Mines and other local graduate programs will present their current research in a variety of STEM fields. Conference participants will be able to learn more about the research graduate students do, how graduate students interact with their advisor and other faculty, and how to present research.
  • Graduate School and Industry Panel Session

    This hour-long event is held on Saturday from 4:30-5:30 pm in the atrium and surrounding hall of Brown Building. We anticipate having 20-30 groups, including Colorado-based graduate schools, professional organizations, local companies, national labs, and other groups. During the event, groups will talk to participants, pass out pamphlets, and network. Companies and national labs are not allowed to recruit, and students may not inquire about job openings or perks. However, students will benefit as they will learn more about the companies and have the opportunity to network.
  • Networking Banquet

    This event is also held on Saturday from 5:45-8:30 pm at the Denver West Marriott. National labs, professional organizations, graduate schools, and local industries will have representatives in attendance. Conference participants will sign-up during the application period to sit at a specific table throughout the banquet. This ensures that organizations and participants are paired up in an appropriate manner and can gain the most from this networking experience.

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