Applying to the Rocky Mountain Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics

The conference is free to all undergraduates interested in women in physics. Applicants do not have to be women or physics majors. Please only apply if you are serious about attending the conference as there are only a limited number of people that can be accepted.

The Rocky Mountain Conference is aimed to serve the following states:Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico, Utah

There will be a deposit of $50.00 required of those who are accepted. This deposit will be returned at registration at the conference.

Attendees will complete a pre and post survey. The completion of the pre-survey is required for the return of the deposit.

The application process is now closed. If you were selected, you will be contacted soon.

If you have registered and need to submit your deposit, please click here.

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